We love working with First Time Home Buyers!


In fact the majority of our clients in 2015 were first time home buyers. We thrive on the enthusiasm but make sure that you are equipped to make the best decisions for you.  

We have put together a list of homes listed under $500,000 in Calgary and then broken it out further into the zones.  


Take me to that list!




Tips for the Website

We have tried to make it as user friendly as possible but here are a few tools we want to let you know about.


  • Sign Up - this will give you access to additional information on properties and give you the option to use the next buttons.
  • Add to Favourites - Use this to watch properties that are interesting to you and then when the time is right use the next button.
  • Contact about this listing - Use this button and we will be in touch within a few hours to answer your questions or schedule a time for you to view the property.